Catechesis ISmall-scale color sketch




CR Number



39 x 40 cm

Art Form


Art Medium


Artwork Surface

Bristol board
Is Part Of


Catechesis I
Composition in tones earthy, ochre, blue, green, gray, rose, black and white (the support). Smooth texture. Catechetical It depicts representation of the indigenous by the Jesuits in lanscape with ocean in the background. In the foreground, the center group of Jesuit sitting in profile to the left and head turned back toward India, sitting beside her. The priest wears long tunic, gray and are barefoot. On the left, sitting in front of India, with feathers on the head, dress glued to the body, arms along the same and barefoot. In the center, India standing, holding on his head a basket full of what look like fruit or flowers. On the right foot of India with his on the left hand resting on the shoulder of Jesuit. All figures are shaded randomly without represented facial features. Near the central group, above ground on earthy and ochre tones, you see on the left a blue pestle, a lot of coiled rope, a child sitting on the floor, a blue chest and a gourd. To the right of the group, Jesuit standing in front, carrying a child in her arms. The priest wears long robe and resembles the figure of Saint Anthony with the Child Jesus. In the background, on the left, two shaded figures and, on the right, a spotted cow. In the background, blue sea with three canoes side by side in perspective for background.


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