Portinari Project's Archive

The Portinari Project collection is important in the field of Brazilian culture and art. The result of a pioneering and meticulous methodology, this collection was initially made up of materials kept and preserved by the painter's widow, Maria Portinari.

With a multidisciplinary team, since 1979 the project has not only been dedicated to authenticating and cataloging Candido Portinari's documents and works, but has also offered extremely important support to researchers, universities and art enthusiasts seeking to explore and understand the life and work of this Brazilian painter.

From the authentication of the works to the detailed cataloging of each piece, the professionals involved in the Portinari Project ensure that the artist's legacy is preserved with precision and rigor. In addition, the collection serves as a valuable resource for academic researchers seeking information for their theses, dissertations and studies on Portinari and his work.

The publication of the Catalogue Raisonné in 2004, the first of its kind by a Latin American artist, was an important step towards disseminating this collection.

Today, this information is easily accessible and available for consultation on the Portinari Project's website. The technological updating of the database and the Project's website guarantees the quality of the information disseminated to the external public. You can also search the contents of the Collection on the DocPro website, which offers an OCR search that finds words in the text of the scanned image of the document, for example a letter or a newspaper article. And on Google Arts & Culture, which has a search for various themes on the artist's works.

The project also invests in exhibition activities, both in physical and virtual spaces, allowing the general public to have access to Portinari's creations. These exhibitions not only celebrate the artist's genius, but also promote a greater understanding and appreciation of his work and cultural legacy. Through educational programs and lectures, the Portinari Project inspires new generations of artists and scholars, keeping the flame of Candido Portinari's legacy alive.