CatechesisExecuted to




CR Number



463 x 494 cm

Art Form

Mural painting

Art Medium


Artwork Surface

combined medium and support
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Composition in tones earthy, rose, gray, blue, ochre, green, white, black and red. Rough feature mural texture. It depicts the catechesis of the indigenous by the Jesuits. In the foreground, center, Jesuit sitting in profile to the left, with the head turned back toward the Indian sitting next to him. Father wears long tunic in gray tone, is folded on the left arm with his hand outstretched and bare feet. On the left, sitting facing India on kind of green bin, head 3/4 toward the on the right, arms down, hands in her lap and legs apart. wears gray and white plaid blouse with red outline on the neckline and has semicobertas legs by draping draping. At the center of the trunk of another foot of India, holding the head a basket filled with fruit and leaves. On the right, Indian girl standing in profile to the left, with his on the left hand resting on the shoulder Jesuit sitting. wear sticky white dress, trimmed with red and dotted with blue, long to his knees, revealing thick legs and bare feet. Indian women have facial features indicated in dark faces and long straight hair with bangs over his forehead. Near the core group on the floor tone reddish earthy, are seen on the left, blue pestle, coil of rope and boy sitting; the center, blue chest and on the right gourd. To the right of the group, Jesuit standing facing, head turned to the left 3/4, carrying in her arms a naked Indian baby, who is sitting in front, 3/4 back to the left, in a representation similar to Santo Antonio. Suffered face and creased. Long robe coat in gray tone long sleeve, revealing the wrinkled hands and solid, bare feet. In the background on the left part of construction with supported ladder, and beside a Jesuit holding a little Indian boy by the hand and on the right, a bull facing right. In the background, some white stakes delimits diagonally in the ground rose tones of blue sea, where three are seen side by side canoes being strokes per figures sitting in the queue.


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