Catechesis IVStudy




CR Number



29 x 29 cm

Art Form


Art Medium

lead pencil

Artwork Surface

Bristol board
Is Part Of


Catechesis IV
Composition in black and white. Smooth contour lines. Catechetical It depicts the indigenous, occupying the entire area of ​​support. At the center, a Jesuit figure sitting in profile to the left, with the head turned back toward the Indies at his side. On the left, sitting India ahead with two babies at his side. In the center, India standing in front, with long hair, on the right arms raised and supported on the head. On the right, Indian with fringe, partially obscured by India standing in profile to the left, with his on the left hand resting on the shoulder of the Jesuit ahead. At the bottom on the left part of some posts and the on the right, with the on the right side limit, Jesuit standing in front, carrying a baby on her lap. In the background, on the left, Indian figure standing and more ago, little church of representation.


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