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27.8 x 28 cm

Art Form


Art Medium

India ink brushwatercolor

Artwork Surface

Is Part Of


Composition in gray, green, ochre, blue, black, white and red. Contour lines enhanced by fine, broad brushstrokes giving blurred effects on the wet support and tinted. Composition representing catechesis It depicts with two Jesuits, two indigenous and three children, with hill in the background. In the center of the composition, Jesuit outline crouched on the left leg, in profile to the left, head contoured and suggested hair. wears cassock in gray tones, it is with the on the left arm resting on the bent leg and has bare feet. To his on the left, India child, standing with the profile body to the left and head almost in front; has straight black hair and facial features suggested. He is with his on the right hand resting on the shoulder Jesuit, has her legs spread and bare feet. On the right Jesuit, Indian female figure possibly sitting in front, with hair and facial features suggested, naked bust, with the volume indicated breasts, using kind of thong - with reddish brush strokes indicating the feathers. Jesuit ago, India, standing, turned slightly to the left, suggested hair and facial features, naked torso with indicated breasts. He is with the on the right arm bent with hand on head and on the left along the body. On the left center of the composition small child figure, just sketched, sitting on the floor, his body almost in profile to the right, head facing. To his on the right, the object of ochre, possibly in ceramic pot or basket. To the right of the composition, standing Jesuit, opposite appearing to be bald, suggested facial features and marked wrinkles. wears cassock ash tones and loads the arms child only suggested India. In the background, the hill full of black spots possibly representing vegetation, small tree house and suggested the on the right. Blue sky.


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