Mining of GoldSmall-scale color sketch




CR Number



38.5 x 39 cm

Art Form


Art Medium


Artwork Surface

Bristol board
Is Part Of


Mining of Gold
Composition in blue tones (predominant), earthy, gray, green, red, violet, ochre, white, black, yellow, orange and rose. Smooth texture. mining It depicts representation with barge in the center of the composition, surrounded by blue sea. In the foreground on the left half-length prospector dipped into the water, wearing brimmed hat. On the right prospector in the same position, with head bowed toward the panning holding in front of him, with his on the left hand. In the background, barge crosses horizontally the composition containing five figures. From the left to the right: boy standing with open arms and legs apart; seated figure in profile to the left; bent figure on the boat's railing, his hands plunged into the water; standing figure with the on the left foot on the boat's edge and arms raised holding in his on the right hand and panning figure seated in profile to the left, rowing. The figures are shaded randomly, without representation of facial features. Sea blue with gray nuances involves composition.


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