Mining of GoldExecuted to




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463 x 494 cm

Art Form

Mural painting

Art Medium


Artwork Surface

combined medium and support
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Mining of Gold
Composition in blue tones, green, ochre, earthy, gray, red and violet. Rough feature mural texture. mining It depicts with boat in the center of the composition, surrounded by blue sea. In the foreground, on the left, prospector plunging into the water to the legs, 3/4 facing right. He has the profile head, dark facial features, stubble, on the left arm extended and folded on the right in front of the body, with the cupped hand. Using short-sleeved shirt, with crossed diagonal lines in gray tone, forming diamonds. In the center, lot of nuggets into the sea, surrounded by colorful fish. On the right, vigorous man from the front, plunged into the water up to his waist. He has the profile head to the left, lined face with the nose outlined and parted lips. wear shirt with red and white diamonds and secure the front of the body a panning with violet interior, containing a few nuggets as well as the open on the right hand shell. The strong arms of bateeiros are represented with expressive details that accentuate the drama of the It depicts. In the second plane, boat crosses horizontally the composition containing five. From the left to the right: boy standing on the bow, holding the hands a rope plunging into the water; black rower sitting in profile to the left, wearing black and white plaid shirt and holding in his on the left hand an oar; bent figure on the boat's railing with hands dipped into the water; figure arms raised holding aloft a black and violet bateia rower sitting in profile to the left, wearing checkered shirt and holding in his on the left hand to the oar, plunged into the water, draws winding line between colorful fish. Water blue in varying shades bypass the composition.


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