The Entry into the Forest ISmall-scale color sketch




CR Number



29.2 x 29.4 cm

Art Form


Art Medium


Artwork Surface

Bristol board
Is Part Of


The Entry into the Forest I
Composition in tones earthy, green, blue, yellow, red, gray, black and white (the support). Smooth texture. Scouts It depicts in the woods, occupying the entire area of ​​support. In the foreground, on the left, doe standing, facing right, with gray and white painted body. To the right, two men standing side by side, the first of his back, his head turned to the left, wearing blue brimmed hat and crossed red band on the back. The on the right front with his on the left hand over his eyes, as if looking at a distance and shotgun in his on the right hand, wearing red brimmed hat, blouse and black chess white and yellow belt. Both have thick legs. Floor in reddish earthy tone with vegetation suggestion, seeing to the left, a stream that runs through the composition diagonally to the bottom. In the background, on the left, man lying on his stomach, upon the right on his hands, drinking from the river in front. In the third level, the on the left figure in front, carrying blue burden on the head and in the center and on the right, several thick trunks cutting composition to the upper limit of support, where it is seen to the right of center, a macaw colored red and blue.


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