Taming the ForestExecuted to




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431 x 316 cm

Art Form

Mural painting

Art Medium


Artwork Surface

combined medium and support
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Taming the Forest
Composition in earthy, gray, green, blue, red, ochre, white, yellow, black and orange tones. Rough feature common in mural painting. It depicts pioneers braving the woods. In the foreground, on the left, a man standing back facing, 3/4 facing right. He has strong musculature, his right arm folded with the hand resting on the waist and legs spread. He wears a sleeveless shirt, in shades of gray, pants and dark blue high boots. Ahead of him, a doe standing, facing left, with a grayish body. In the center, a coil of rope on the ground in earthy-reddish tones. On the right, a man standing, forward facing. He is vigorous, has his head raised and slightly turned to the left, facial features represented and blond beard. The right arm is along his body, holding a shotgun and his left arm folded in front of him, holding a parrot in his hand. He wears a red hat, plaid shirt in red and white, white pants and brown boots. On the ground, on the left, a bag closed by an orange strip. On the ground, in reddish tone, undergrowth represented by colored tufts can be seen. In the background, to the left, sinuous creek crosses the composition horizontally, along the banks, thick tree trunks crossing the composition to the upper limit can be seen. To the left of the center, a man lying on his stomach, vertically, propping on his hands, drinking water from the river. To the right of the center, a man back facing, slightly to the left, wearing gray clothes and barefoot. On the third plan, a sucession of lined trunks , where it is seen on the left, one agouti, to the center, a tamandu√°, and to the right, a cut trunk crossing the composition.


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