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969 x 180 cm

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combined medium and support
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The Baptism of Jesus
Composition in blue and white. Contour lines and shading. Composition representing several groups of angels, people and baptism It depicts Jesus spread over the tile panel that has sinuous shape. In the spaces between the groups are seen birds flying open wings. Rounding the entire bottom of the panel, water can be the edge representation of fish swimming in a river profile to the right. On the left, group of front foot angels, all with open wings. What's ahead has the head turned to the right and suggests be holding a scroll in his on the left hand. Under the group, water representation with small profile fish on the right. Against background, open wings of birds profile to the right. A little to the right front boy using only a cloth at the waist and arms and bent upwards. To his on the left was old pastor, facing with the profile head to the right, using long robe and holding a long stick vertically. To his on the left, four sheep lying side by side profile to the right. More to the right, angel, alone, as if walking on air, profile to the right with open wings and back. It wears long wide robe emblazoned with small dots and is barefoot. His face is just passed, has the arms stretched forward which carries kind of towel. Her legs are apart by looking up the well earlier on the left than the on the right. Around him, many birds flying on the left, except for one, in profile to the right. More to the right, isolated figure, profile to the right, with the upper body leaning forward, using transparent tunic. It has stretched on the left leg and the earlier on the right and supported by a stone. More to the right group of angels standing, facing, suggesting a coral. There are two in front to wear long robes and are with open wings. The on the left has the arms stretched down and hands together in front. The on the right head is tilted slightly to the left and has arms straight down and to the right. The rest of the group see only heads with indicated facial features. More to the right, baptism It depicts Jesus. On the left front of Jesus, standing in the transparent waters of the Jordan River that covers her legs to the knees. wear only a cloth around his waist. His face has outlined facial features and his arms are crossed at chest level. Above his head is seen facing dove with outstretched wings, representing the Holy Spirit, surrounded by traits that suggest shining. On the right figure of St. John the Baptist also with his legs in the clear waters of the Jordan River. He's on the right arm outstretched with hand on Jesus' head and on the left folded holding a small bowl. His body is surrounded by draping with fallen part of his on the right arm. At the on the right end of the panel, suggesting group baptism be watching. Ahead of everyone sees back kneeling shepherd, 3/4 facing left, holding the on the right hand stick vertically. A little further back, six figures, one profile to the left with hands close to her face and a slightly turned back to the right, with his arms up hidden by cloth as if undressing. The rest of the group sees only part of the head facing forward.
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Work executed for the confessional and the baptistery of the Pampulha Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Belo Horizonte, MG. Work designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.
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combined medium and supportArtworkSurfaceType
Work’s curvilinear form accompanies the line of the confessional and the baptistry, located at church’s narthex, on the left.
Igreja de São Francisco de Assis da Pampulha adquirida do artista sob encomenda feita por Oscar Niemeyer, em 1943Collection
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PAINEL formato: irregular 14.7x7.3 (azulejos)
Unsigned and undated
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