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370 x 212 cm

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The Last Supper
Composition in ochre, earthy, blue, gray, green, rose and black. Smooth texture. Composition representing the Last Supper of Jesus, against background lanscape of hills, sea and sky. Large rectangular table covered with light towel that nearly crosses the entire width of the support, is looking over her five loaves, two glasses and a jug, all represented in red earthy tone. Ahead of the table, on the left of center, woman in profile to the right, standing, with the upper body leaning forward, head turned back and brown hair, long, straight and fallen. wear long dress in earthy tone long sleeves and full skirt. His feet and hands are represented by masses in dark shades of bluish gray. She suggests suspending be hands probably a pitcher of clay that lies ahead. On your on the left, you see a cube like a square seat and in front of another larger cube on which is a small pitcher of narrow neck. Still in the same plane, far on the right, Judas sitting almost in profile to the left; has represented skin shade of green, head tilted back, shaded area on face looking up defined facial features and beard. wear dark brown robe, is bent on the right arm resting on the desk with fallen stretched hand and on the left fingers on his lap holding in his hand - which is defined by mass greenish gray tone - which would be a small bag; It is parallel with the legs apart and barefoot defined by masses in gray-blue tones. Behind the table is seen to the left, five apostles group, and one is at the head, all well grouped looking toward one of them seems to be talking and standing with arms folded and elbows on the table. All have facial features suggested by chiaroscuro and wear dark clothes. In the center of the table, Jesus, facing with the head turned slightly to the left, has long face, straight hair divided in half, fallen at the shoulders, broad forehead, suggested eyes turned to the left, long nose, lips closed , beard and mustache. His on the left arm is bent, leaning on the table and on the right also more than doubled up with half-open hand. To his on the left, St. John with his head tilted toward him. He is 3/4 facing left; has straight hair, broad forehead, eyes turned down, long nose, lips parted; still see up his on the left arm bent with hand holding the shoulder of Jesus. To the right of the composition, group of five apostles, all with indicated facial features and beard, some laurels and more brown. What is more to the left, she is reclining on the table looking toward Jesus and safe with his on the left hand a cup. Two others, with hands on beards, look toward fourth apostle who is a little behind. The fifth also further back, is almost in profile to the left and looks down. All figures have angular face and hands with shadows projecting on their faces in light shades of blue-gray. In the background, three large hills in shades earthy through which one sees part of blue sea. Horizon brand, to the left, the beginning of heaven and on the right, even a few hills.
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Work executed to decorate a dining room wall in the residence of José Pacheco de Medeiros Filho in Cataguases, MG. Work designed by architect Francisco Bolonha.
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precisão: aproximadas
Signed and dated in bottom right corner "PORTINARI 1949 RIO"


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