Angels and ShepherdsSmall-scale color sketch




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78 x 34.5 cm

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gouachelead pencil

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Angels and Shepherds
Composition in blue, black and white tones. Contour lines and shading, and the whole composition is superimposed raster forming rectangles vertically suggesting the tiles that make up the panel. Composition representing group of angels, shepherd with sheep and walking alone angel; the spaces between the figures are seen flying birds, and finishing off the lower part of the composition, water representation and may be the edge of a river with fish swimming. To the left of the composition group of angels standing in front with open wings. What is more forward has his head turned to the right and suggests be holding a rolled parchment. It wears long tunic with flowing tail kind of on the right. In the center area of ​​the composition boy with arms facing up and folded. To his on the left was old shepherd, beard with face in profile to the right, using long robe and holding with his on the left hand long rod vertically; a little more to the right, four sheep lying on the paws, profile to the right. To the right of the composition, angel alone, in profile to the right, walking with open wings back. It wears long wide robe emblazoned with small dots and is barefoot. His face is just passed, has curly short hair; are your arms straight ahead species which carries towel. Her legs are apart by looking up the well earlier on the left than the on the right. The four birds that are against the bottom, on the left and on the right of center, are in profile to the right and have the open wings. The representation water serving tailpiece to the lower margin is sinuous shape and composition of the fish that are represented on it are also in profile to the right. In the band edge in the composition water is seen suggesting the center and on the right fish swimming profile to the right. The water is represented by wavy lines.
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This work, as well as the works “Saint Francis Talking to the Birds” [FCO 2525] and “The Baptism of Jesus” [FCO 2527], were found during a visit by Graciema Mello Franco de Andrade and Maria do Carmo Nabuco to the Sede Regional do Patrimônio in Belo Horizonte, MG. The institute's director, Roberto Lacerda, opened a drawer and found the three works which, in spite of being rolled up, were still in good condition.
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Artwork Function
Small-scale color sketchArtworkFunctionType
Artwork Function Description
Small-scale color sketch for the tile panel “The Baptism of Jesus” [FCO 2476]
Art Form
Art Medium
lead pencilArtMediumType
Artwork Surface
Fundação Rodrigo Mello Franco de Andrade doada por volta de 1972, por intermédio de Edson MottaCollection
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precisão: aproximadas
Unsigned and undated
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At left edge, lettters A through L; at top edge, numbers 1 through 53; at top left inscriptions, "K”, "l”, "37” and "V”; in the middle, "V”, "0,20”, "L”, "M”, "0,40” and "cm 45”; in right half, "cm 15”, "N” and "cm 30”