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The Transfiguration
Composition in blue tones, yellow, earthy, red, ochre, gray, green, orange, rose, white and black. Smooth texture, some marked brushstrokes. Transfiguration It depicts Jesus flanked by two masters, seeing himself three figures lying on the ground to observe The scene with amazement. In the center of the composition, in the background, Jesus standing, facing, feet off the ground, as if levitating. He is represented all in white only the hair and beard in brown tone. Has the long face, 3/4 facing right, eyes on the same side, nose long and thin and straight, closed lips. Using long robes, wide, fastened at the waist with long sleeves and type of breast covering garment on the left shoulder with long drooping tip. It has open arms, hands with fingers outstretched and on the right foot a little further ahead than the on the left. Behind the figure of Jesus, light represented by five concentric ovals, yellow and ochre tones that suggest splendor. In the foreground, on the left, man leaning almost profile to the left, with the head resting on the angular stone. It has very fair skin, brown hair and beard and his face reveals startled expression. wears tunic in earthy tones with defined drapery and sandals with straps across the toes. Has the on the right arm folded over his chest, the on the left folded with hand covering part of the face and slightly bent legs. In the center, a little behind this figure, indefinite Sex person also leaning profile to the right, with his head resting on the angular stone. It has very fair skin, face turned toward Jesus, revealing expression of astonishment, and dark hair. wears gray tunic with well defined drapery and bare feet and with folded legs flat on the floor. On the right figure of a man lying in profile to the left with the head resting on angular stone. He has upturned face revealing expression of astonishment. It has very fair skin and red beard. wear dark green hooded robe covering her hair and bare feet; on the left arm fallen side of the body and on the right arm folded in his hand covering part of the face. The floor where the three figures is in red earthy tones with geometrical areas, seeing a few scattered boulders. In the background, on either side of Jesus, two man standing on two small hills. Both wear coats in yellow ochre and are barefoot. The on the left is 3/4 facing right with the face in profile. Have hair and light brown beards, bent on the right arm holding a book, the on the left also folded his hand forward. The on the right man is facing with the head turned slightly to the left and looks in the direction of the three people who are lying on the ground. He holds an open book which faces leaning on the left arm and on the right arm bent with the hand on the even side of the book. Background with sky in shades of blue with wide bands that would be the continuation of the reflection of the splendor that surrounds the figure of Jesus.
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Work executed to decorate the Church of Lord Jesus of the Cane, Batatais, SP.
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Igreja do Senhor Bom Jesus da Cana Verde doada pela comissão de obras da Igreja, que a adquiriu do artista, sob encomenda, em 1952Collection
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