Scarecrow and Boys Flying Kites




CR Number



55 x 46 cm

Art Form


Art Medium

medium unidentified

Artwork Surface



Scarecrow and Boys Flying Kites
Composition in tones earthy, ochre, white, red, black, yellow and blue. Smooth texture. It depicts scarecrow and two children in the background, flying kites. In the foreground, front scarecrow, proportionally higher than children. He has a round face, shaded on the right, spiky hair, is hat, eyes represented by two black balls, wrinkled nose and round mouth. The shirt is long sleeve and checkered cloth. The long pants is in plain cloth. In the background, on the right, boy flying a kite, represented by quick brushstrokes. Esvoaçados has hair, legs apart and rears kite with Rabiola, which is at the upper left corner, passing the thread behind the scarecrow and falls winding in front to the ground. Up boy, kite with Rabiola, which do not see or where line and being steep. In the third plane, boy Suggested facing right, looking fly a kite. In the background, horizon and sky representation in light and dark tones.


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