Carnival Merrymakers




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73 x 35 cm

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Carnival Merrymakers
Composition in black and white (yellow paper). Lines defining contours and shading setting volumes. Composition representing group of men and women in various positions, as forming a carnival block in the middle of a street, buildings in the background and lamppost. On the left corner, man standing, with the body and back to the profile head to the right. Has short hair, facial features suggested wears of shirt sleeves and dug standing with legs apart. To his on the right, black woman from the front, with curly hair and short, suggested physiognomic trait and slightly fallen head to the left. The figure has thin belt, breasts, and hips oversized, and wears bracelets paste balls in the open arms; It is almost together with feet using kind of clog jump. Further back, on the right, woman standing, almost in profile to the left, with head dropped back, with facial features and thick lips; has the body topping and misshapen feet. Further to the right, standing female figure, from the front, dressed as Bahia, with turban on his head; has suggested facial features, it is with on the right arm raised holding a tambourine and another almost stretched forward; wears handles dress and skirt; He is with the remote and wears jump clog legs. Bahia behind the two figures suggested a profile to the left with high crowned hat and the other, from the front, with fallen head back, suggested facial features and the same type of hat than the previous. To the right of a head from the front, behind a woman in profile to the left, which has suggested facial features and appears to be stout. In the center of the composition, woman on his back, and fat, with fallen head back and open arms as if dancing; It is to straddle and wears clog. Ahead of man figure with exaggerated facial features and high top hat and crown on the head. To the right, the wife of the head, facial features and figure suggested probably back. To the right of these figures, foot black man, in profile to the left; trickster wears palette buried in the head leaving the apparent large nostrils and thick lips apart; He is holding with his on the left hand the stem of a square poster. Further to the right, black figure of a man standing with his back, with his arms raised, on the left leg bent and erected using shirt of hollow sleeves. Further back, figures only indicated, one of them a fat woman, almost from the front, with the head turned slightly to the left. At his side, black front man, dancing and playing a opossum. The figure has suggested facial features, wears striped shirt and light pants. Further back and direct, Profile man to the right, his head almost from the front, using pick and playing a stringed instrument. The on the right figure is a woman standing in front, with suggested facial features, raised on the left arm and using handles dress it marks the volume of breasts and hips. Behind her back man head suggestion. At the bottom, on the left of center, clear wall with door suggestion in the center. To the right of center walls with street lamp in the center.
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precisão: aproximadas
Signed at bottom left edge "PORTINARI". Undated


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Enauta Itau
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