Eleven Migrants




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38.5 x 35.5 cm

Art Form


Art Medium

lead pencil

Artwork Surface

brown paper


Eleven Migrants
Composition in black and brown. Contour lines, light dashed, overlapping lines and parallel lines. Composition representing group of eleven refugees in the open lanscape, suggested by boulders on the ground and sun. The group members are standing from the front, squalid and significantly deformed. From the left to the right: Old small stature, very thin, with cloth on the head, face deformed by wrinkles and drooping lips; It wears clear dress and flip-flops; is flexed with the on the right arm and holds a staff that supports the floor; with the on the left hand holds the hand of the old man who is at his side. This is bald, has bulging eyes, it is very wrinkled, carries a cross backpack, it has suggested the clothing, and the on the left pant leg is torn; wears flip-flops and secure with the on the left hand a stick with which to support. To his on the right and behind, probably a woman carrying a bundle on her head who supports with his on the right hand; has indicated facial features, wear light-colored dress and flip-flops. To his on the right, woman with child on her lap: the figure has dark curly hair, bulging eyes, wide nose, it seems to be pregnant, wear gown and flip-flops. The child on your lap is extremely squalid and has agonized look. Further to the right and behind, bandit hat man, marked facial features, wearing light clothing and flip-flops. At his side, straw hat man, long face and facial features indicating suffering. Loads backpack crossed in front, is on the right arm along the body and the on the left raised, holding a stick with backpack at the tip. wear light clothing and flip-flops. A little behind his foot, black dog, from the front. At his side, ahead, boy of about five years, flat head, curly hair, big eyes, extremely thin limbs, prominent belly, on the right arm raised holding in the parent; It wears only a T-shirt, leaving the belly, sex and bare legs. Behind him, young girl with curly hair, big eyes, angular face, very thin neck, using clear and barefoot clothes. At his side smaller girl, braids, carrying gourd. At his side, newspaper boy hat, carrying a cage with his on the left hand. At the bottom, on the right of center, sun suggestion dashed rays that fill virtually almost all the support.
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Art Form
Art Medium
lead pencilArtMediumType
Artwork Surface
brown paperArtworkSurfaceType
Support affixed to cardboard.
Banco SafraCollection
Signed and dated in bottom right corner "Portinari 55"


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