Mining of GoldSmall-scale cartoon




CR Number



39 x 41 cm

Art Form


Art Medium

lead pencil

Artwork Surface

Is Part Of


Mining of Gold
Composition in black and white. Contour lines, some shaded and cells for expansion. mining It depicts. In the center of the composition across almost the entire width of the support a boat with seven people on board. From the left to the right: a child standing on the edge; a little more behind another child as if falling in the air, upside down; profile figure to the left, with the head turned forward; slightly behind suggestion profile figure to the right; front man, bent down, his hands in the water; another front man, with arms raised, holding a panning on the right hand; figure seated in profile to the left, and, a little further back figure standing back with raised arms. In the foreground on the left man in the water up to his waist in front of the boat, from the front, with the profile head to the right and the on the left hand on the back of the picture that is in the boat, bowed down ; on the right man with water up to the waist, front, with the face in profile to the left, holding a panning hands.


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