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345 x 315 cm

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Gaúcha Scene
Composition in tones earthy, ochre, blue, green, gray, white, orange and rose. Smooth texture. Gaucho It depicts composed of eight figures distributed in the composition: two men appear to be talking; two others back; mounted a horse, another riding a bull and a woman with a child by the hand. Background marked by areas of different colors, forming large patches. In the foreground, the center, two gauchos who appear to be talking: the on the left crouched, his back, 3/4 facing right, with the on the right arm resting on his on the right knee, stepping on the tip of the on the left foot and the on the right planted in floor. Vest jacket and sand tight trousers, with detail wavy lines in brown and the back of the sleeve and the trouser leg. The on the right gaucho sitting on the floor in profile to the left, using typical hat with last leather strap under the chin and wearing poncho long which makes indefinite the body shape and the position of your legs. At the bottom on the left, a pestle in blue and in front of him on the floor, a coiled rope. In the lower on the right corner, a gourd. In the background, the center between the two men conversing, another Gaucho, standing with his back, 3/4 facing left, using narrow-brimmed hat and wearing long poncho. On the right, a man standing with his back, leaning forward, with legs apart, moving on a string, the tip of which falls between your legs and the other end is tied to a stake which is in third plane, getting middle of the rope coiled on the ground from one point to another. A little further back, to the left, a woman who seems to be running towards the center, pulling a child by the arm and holding in his on the left hand a large bunch of flowers down and tied with rose ribbon. The woman has poorly defined facial features, is with the head turned toward the child, the fluttering hair back and wear dress orange-had taken that fall. The child has his face turned upward, with no defined line and carries a sheet in his on the right hand. In the third level, on the right where the stake is tied to rope and a little further back, the man on the ox, both from the front, with the shadow of the animal's legs designed on the left. At the bottom, on the left of center, a horse ridden man, both in profile to the right, jumping position. Background in areas of different colors, highlighting an ochre stain to the center, earthy in the lower 3/4 of the composition, green and blue on the top and sides.
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Work executed to decorate the Brazilian Pavillion at the New York World’s Fair, with architectural design by Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, commissioned by Armando Vidal, Brazilian general commissioner at the fair.
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Support spliced horizontally.
Ministério das Relações Exteriores adquirida do artista sob encomenda, em 1939Collection
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precisão: aproximadas
Signed in bottom right corner "C.PORTINARI". Undated


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