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391 x 290 cm

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Frevo Dance
Composition in shades of rose (predominant), blue, ochre, green, yellow, gray, white and orange and red tones, earthy and black. Smooth texture and marked brushstrokes. Composition representing party, looking up dense crowd where excel frevo dancers, musicians and a standard-bearer. The whole composition is geometrized creating overlay plans that confuse the prospect, except for the upper on the left corner, where you see a view of a beach. In the foreground on the left, highlighted the crowd, passista, 3/4 facing right, dancing with the stretched on the left leg forward and on the right folded serving as support for the body; his arms are stretched upwards and secure with the on the right hand an umbrella. Has defined facial features, wears white clothing and are barefoot. In the same plane, the center, in front of the crowd, you see, on the left a front passista with legs together and apart to the knees down with your feet inside. Has the on the left arm down and on the right up holding an umbrella dark, has no defined facial features and is barefoot. On the right musician playing guitar, sitting almost in profile to the right with head facing forward and down. Has indicated facial features, wears white suit, striped stockings and well pointy white shoes. A little more to the right, but in the same plane, Bahia, standing, facing without defined facial features, basket on his head, wearing a dress that had taken-and-fall range. It has on the left straight up and straight down. More to the right, a little detached from the crowd, another pass-giver, with the stretched on the left leg forward and on the right folded serving to support the body. It arms stretched forward, it wears white clothing and is barefoot. In the background, next to the crowd, blond flagship with defined facial features, yellow dress and holding with both hands red flag. A little further to the right stands a profile equine head to the left; the center bust facing bandit wearing a hat and crossed bandoliers chest; on the right part of two musicians, one flutist and clarinetist and some masks. The crowd still stand out several costumed people of Arab and Indian. As the whole composition is no confusion geometrized plans by looking to the right, an area darker than the rest of the composition. In the background, on the left, representing area overlooking a beach with sidewalk suggesting the characteristic design of the Copacabana beach.
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Work executed to decorate one of the halls of the Pampulha Iate Clube, Belo Horizonte, MG. Work designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.
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Support is waterproofed plywood made of cedar from a ship, composed of eight pieces.
Pampulha Iate Clube adquirida do artista sob encomenda feita por Oscar Niemeyer, em 1961Collection
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300x401 (S)
Unsigned and undated