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Composition in earthy, gray, blue, black, ochre, white, green, rose, yellow and red tones. Smooth, thick, marked strokes and spatula effects. Figures often countoured in black, accentuating the drama of the composition. Dispossessed family scene, occupying almost the entire support area, in outback landscape. In the center of the composition, woman standing in front, turned slightly to the right, marked facial features and long black hair, falling to the left. She has a white bundle over her head, holding it with left arm raised. the right arm is she bears a newborn baby wrapped in white cloth. She wears a rose dress and is barefoot. A little further on, on the left, a man standing facing front. He wears straw hat, has marked facial features, wears a shirt and pants in gray tones with patches; on the shirt we see a small trace parallel and horizontal; he is barefoot. the left arm is, folded, he holds a wooden handle that is supported over his left shoulder, at the end is a cloth bundle; the right arm is along the body holding by the hand of a child who is standing and facing forward, wearing straw hat and green cloth serving as clothes, right arm across the chest with hand on chest and bare feet. To the left of man, two more children: a boy, standing in front with his head tilted to the right wearing only a plaid shirt in black and white. We see his prominent belly, sex and legs. Behind this figure, girl standing partlt covered by the boy before her, head 3/4 turned to the left and leaning on the arm of the man on her right. She wears a green dress and has arms along the body. To the left of the woman who is at the center of the area of ​​the composition, squalid old man, standing facing the front. He has a very marked face, beard and white hair the right arm is, which is away from the body at an angle, holding a large staff that would serve as a support to the body. He wears gray pants, has legs spread and bare feet. In front, near the edge to the right, a girl with black hair, face with only the eyes indicated. She wears a rose dress, has her legs apart and her right arm holds a naked child on her back, with legs around her hips. The ground where the group stands is flat and arid with only a few scattered boulders. In the background, skyline with hills to the left and sky range occupying 3/4 of the stand height in three colors: yellow, near the horizon; gray, and blue in the intermediate area at the top where wee see, to the left, four stars, full moon, and to the right, several vultures flying.
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Obra tombada sob o nº 324.
Signed and dated in bottom right corner "PORTINARI 944"


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