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248 x 280 cm

Art Form

Mural painting

Art Medium


Artwork Surface

combined medium and support
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Composition in gray tones, earthy, ochre, blue and white. Rough texture result of its support of the work. It depicts four rubber, all of robust build, working on the latex extraction and baking the rubber pellets. In the foreground, rubber feet, back, looking up in front of the trunk of a rubber tree. wears short-sleeved shirt and pants rolled up above the ankles. It has legs apart and is barefoot; his on the left arm is folded and concealed by part of his chest and the on the right lifted and folded on the right hand holds a small ax mancho long with which to strike the trunk of the rubber latex so can drain. This same figure this same attitude is repeated two more times, in the background and the background in perspective back and diagonally. At the lower margin of the composition, one sees two already cooked latex pellets stuck on the tip of a wooden stick. Still in the foreground but on the right, black dog lying in profile to the left, suggesting be looking at the on the right foot of the first rubber tapper. Behind the animal's back is seen also a rubber ball. In the background, on the right, another tapper. He is standing in front and with the head turned slightly to the left. wear long sleeve shirt, pants rolled up above the heel and is barefoot. Her legs are apart and safe hands a wooden stick whose on the left wing is seen pellet rubber being cooked, surrounded by the smoke of a small oven, suggesting to be a clay. This is on the floor and has a rounded triangular shape. On the floor between the legs of this rubber tapper, we see an ax. At the bottom, on the right, various rubber pellets forming a stack. The floor and the bottom part are represented by quadrangular areas of different colors suggesting perspective and clearing areas in the forest is not very definite.
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Artwork Function
Executed toArtworkFunctionType
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Work executed to decorate the meeting room at the Palácio Gustavo Capanema, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.
Art Form
Mural paintingArtFormType
Art Medium
Artwork Surface
combined medium and supportArtworkSurfaceType
Palácio Gustavo Capanema adquirida do artista sob encomenda, em 1936Collection
Unsigned and undated


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