Festival of Saint John




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193 x 172 cm

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Festival of Saint John
Composition in dark shades of earthy, ochre, blue, black, green, red and rose and white. Smooth texture. Men, women and children in various activities, occupying the entire space of composition with hills and water in the background. In the foreground on the left, woman sitting facing forward, slightly turned to the left, with her left arm in her lap and to the right behind a three children are lowered on the right. The nearest two women, side by side, are in profile, turned to the right, and the third child is in the back of the other two, facing forward. To the left of the woman, on the floor, blue tinplate chest and to the right of this boy of very small proportions, standing with her back, wearing a hat and holding with his right hand the skirt of a woman lying on the right, standing, also on her back with turban on her head. She wears low-cut dress in the back, showing a piece of lace. On the far right, we see the angle of a short wall or box, with a boy sitting on it, 3/4 to the left and a little further back, standing and facing, a girl with big blue bow on her head holding on her right arm a dark colored child who is as if mounted on her wasit. In the background, on the left, female figure, back, black hair tied at her neck, holding, in both hands, a child sitting 3/4 to the right, on another kind of short wall - bigger and higher than the first. In the center, behind the tinplate chest, woman standing in profile to the right, bent, stirring in a mortar. Just behind this, standing, turned slightly to the left, another female figure holding with her right hand a rectangular tin on top of her head and having her body bent, hidden behind the front figures. On the right, boy facing back, climbing greasy pole. Woman facing back with tin, another greasy pole. Third up, on the left, two tallow sticks with flags on top, arranged diagonally from the right to the left and front to back. To the right of the greasy poles, three women with cans on top of their heads, standing, forming a diagonal from the left to the right and from front to back. In the center, a little to the left, man carrying bundle of wood and, on the floor, the preparation for a fire. On the far on the right, three female figures facing back in the act of hanging clothes to dry. In the background, on the left, we see a representation of blue water and some elevations. On the center and on the right, hill with many houses, being the more prominent the one on the far right, with steps, slopes with people walking and three palm trees. Sky in gradient blue. Light falling from different directions, creating contrasts of light and dark, which gives an idea of ​​theatrical lighting, although the scene is outdoors.
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precisão: aproximadas
Signed and dated in bottom left corner "PORTINARI 193[6]-1939"