Night of Saint John's FestivalSmall-scale color sketch




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34 x 35.5 cm

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gouachelead pencil

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Night of Saint John's Festival
Composition in ochre, earthy, green, gray, blue, black and white. Smooth texture. It depicts figures in various activities and buildings in the background walls. Figures has represented facial features and the volume of their bodies is set with black outlines. In the foreground, ground in earthy tones, with the on the right woman standing back to back, with his head tilted to the right, the on the right hand on his hip and on the left arm along the body; wears turban coast of cloth crossed back and skirt with ruffles and wears clogs heels. In the center, further back, chest and hand, woman standing, with the body tilted to the right, in front of a pylon holding the socket that is inside the pylon with both hands; It has dark skin and wears a turban and long sleeveless dress in green tones. Pylon ago, front woman, slightly turned to the left, carrying pitcher in the back, holding in his on the right hand and arm bent over her head. In the background, three women standing in a gray area of ​​the floor; the front is back, and the two most behind are facing. The front is the on the right arm along the body, and the on the left half folded, holding the skirt of the dress; wears turban and blue strap dress with brown belt. Woman on the leftmost carries a pitcher on the left and secure shoulder with his on the right hand, his arm going over his head; wears strap dress in ochre tones with brown belt. The woman over the on the right secure a pitcher in the same position as the previous one, but from the opposite side; wears dressed in blue tones with blue belt. Further back, clear the floor, that extends to the bottom and sides, with a woman sitting in the center, in profile to the right. She's bent legs and wears blue dress. On the right, two women standing; Figure on the leftmost faces, carrying a bundle of clothes on her head and wears light blue dress; the figure in front is back and wear dress in blue tone; they are on an area of ​​the floor in dark tone. Behind them, far on the left, front woman carrying jug in his on the left shoulder and wearing light blue dress. At the bottom, center, man carrying gatepost in the head; and fire on the right. On the ground, on the left black tones with blue flashes and the floor on the right on the ground tone. The bottom and sides, colored walls of a building, looking on the right side wall with balcony in shades of green.
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Artwork Function
Small-scale color sketchArtworkFunctionType
Artwork Function Description
Small-scale color sketch for the panel “Night of Saint John's Festival” [FCO 4082]
Art Form
Art Medium
lead pencilArtMediumType
Artwork Surface
Signed in bottom right corner "Portinari". Undated