Still Life




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26.5 x 35 cm

Art Form


Art Medium


Artwork Surface



Still Life
Composition in earthy, yellow, orange, gray, rose, purple, red, green, black and blue tones. Thick texture, visible strokes. The composition represents a table with various objects on it, leaning against a wall. The table is of smooth and polished wood, in mid-toned brown and occupies almost the entire width of the support; to the right edge, we see its rounded edge. In front of the table, we see a folding part with suggested round or oval shape. On the table we see, from the left to the right: a lemon, an orange, a small rectangular painting with frame, presumably supported by a small easel, a cylindrical high-necked bottle (characteristic of the wine bottles from the French region of Bordeaux). Behind the bottle, attached to the wall, as if hanging, there is a kind of towel or cloth, finished with fringes, covering the upper right corner of the small picture on the table. This cloth crosses the composition vertically on the right side. At the upper left corner, one sees part of a picture hung on the wall, frameless, suggesting the representation of a nude. Light falling from the front of the composition lets one see a reflection in the varnish of the table.


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