Still Life




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35 x 27 cm

Art Form


Art Medium


Artwork Surface



Still Life
Composition in tones earthy and ochre (predominant), red, white, gray, blue, green and black. Smooth texture with some marked brushstrokes. Table of representation, with objects and unfinished canvases, against background earthy and ochre with touches of green. Dark red table and ochre with white towel. The towel is farm raised on the right and gathered drape toward the center of the table. Part tabletop visible on the right. Drawn back towel lets see that it is a table type gate closed. On the towel we see a blue and white bowl on plate in the same colors. In front of the bowl, red ball suggesting an apple and having the high side candlestick dark hue. On the table, on the left unfinished canvas that seems to be a female nude whose treatment of hair resembles a Japanese. On the right on the table, unfinished screen suggesting a portrait in ochre, earthy and ashes. The composition of ochre background with vertical black bar on the right.


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