Teachers Guidebook – Brazilian Literature – Plantation Boy

The Teachers Guidebook – Brazilian Literature is part of the project “ Portinari - The Painter's Little Chest,” selected by the Petrobras Cultural Program, that revisits the object evocative of Portinari’s childhood that is so present in his work, “the chest.” It is designed to share with children, young people, teachers and cultural figures in participating communities this treasure of Brazilian painting famous throughout the world. It is a book that brings together the secret and the sacred of the art of painting with the tones, the gifts of the heart, the poetic sentiment of memories of childhood in his native Brodowski.

Our Guidebook holds a legacy of our people, our suffering people, the Brazil of the left out. Let’s travel across Brazil through Portinari’s work, sensitizing children, young people and teachers to discover the world through the ways of art. Let’s develop the aesthetic eye and critical sensibility of this target audience, helping them develop a more qualified readership for receiving writing from around the world. As an invitation to exercise creativity and to exercise reflection, the painting sets the stage for a playful, learning and heartfelt experience.