Portinari: The Painter’s Little Chest – Brazilian Literature

Initially chosen by the Petrobras Cultural Program in the segment dedicated to arts education, this learning material was created based on a meeting between two artists: Candido Portinari and José Lins do Rego.

In 1959, One Hundred Bibliophiles published the regional novel Plantation Boy, with illustrations by Candido Portinari.

“Portinari: The Painter's Little Chest – Brazilian Literature” celebrates this meeting, addressing many of the issues raised in the book Plantation Boy and in Candido Portinari’s work. A little wooden chest is provided that contains a copy of the book by José Lins do Rego, 15 black and white plates with illustrations Portinari made for the book; 10 color plates of reproductions of works by Candido Portinari; the CD-ROM “Journey to Candinho’s World,” with games and activities; 1 book Timeline, which highlights important events in Candido Portinari’s life and work, tying this timeline in with significant events in Brazil and the rest of the world from 1903 to 1962 (between artist Candido Portinari’s birth and death); and 1 Teaching Guidebook, written by Children's Literature expert Fátima Miguez, to help teachers use the material in the “little chest.” This “Chest” is made for giving to schools in the public school system.