Brodowski Band




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42.5 x 33.5 cm

Art Form


Art Medium

lead pencil

Artwork Surface

kraft paper


Brodowski Band
Composition in black and brown. Contour lines, overlapping lines, parallel lines and deleted. Composition representing music band, composed of nine figures playing various instruments, occupying 3/4 of the area of ​​the composition and on the left a boy, and high power lines over which are seen birds. To the left of the composition, boyish figure, standing, front, with hair and facial features suggested using light clothing - shorts with suspenders and shirt sleeves rolled up. He has a on the right arm body and along the on the left hand gripping the bent one sling; It is the most advanced on the right leg than the on the left and has bare feet. On your on the right, the group composed of nine musicians. On the front line, four of them, all standing, facing, wearing light suits and boots to tie. The on the left has her hair disheveled, spiky, is wide-eyed, has a snub nose and is with inflated cheeks as if blowing the clarinet holding in his hands, standing on the right above the on the left. At his side, shorter man, fallen head back, eyes and nostrils suggested, trumpeting that is geared to the tapered side up and secure with bent arms raised. To his on the right, another musician, using crowned hat curved, thick eyebrows, eyes, broad nose together, playing the flute. The fourth musician of the first row, wears straw hat, has round eyes, broad nose and inflated cheeks, playing horn. In the back row, from the on the left of the musician, only see his head. The man wears hat, has suggested facial features and plays kind of horn with the flag down. To his on the right, heads of two musicians playing wind instruments, one in front of the other, both wearing hat and with fallen heads to the right. To the right of these, another musician, also hat, suggested facial features, playing trombone. On the right musician sees the whole body, it is in front, with fallen head back; wears straw hat and has marked physiognomic traits. You are playing dishes, these arranged above the bass drum that have ahead. At the upper left corner, electricity wiring harness into perspective for background, where lie many birds, and construction of suggestion.
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Art Form
Art Medium
lead pencilArtMediumType
Artwork Surface
kraft paperArtworkSurfaceType
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precisão: aproximadas
Signed at bottom left "Portinari". Undated


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