Discovery of BrazilStudy




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80 x 100 cm

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lead pencil

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Discovery of Brazil
Composition in black and white. Contour lines, parallel lines, overlapping lines, shaded, deleted, overlapping geometrical areas the figures. Representing composition study for the discovery of Brazil, with various groups on the deck of a ship, distinguished priests, stevedores and settlers. In the foreground on the left, just sketched figure of a man, as if straining - with his arms raised in the air and on the right leg raised and bent. In the center of the composition, man also just suggested, in profile to the right, body bent forward, arms down, as if lifted something from the floor. To your on the right, back man, who seems to be pulling a rope with his arms raised, and the on the right is above the on the left; It seems to wear a scarf over her head; You have the on the right leg bent forward and stretched on the left behind. On the right compact group of brothers, of which only five are appointed by the suggested facial features, wear of the cloth hood. The others are appointed by hoods and parts of cassocks. In the background, to the left, two brothers, his back, ensnared - the on the left has raised on the left arm and the on the right with the on the right erected. To the left of center, group of settlers. The on the left is in profile to the left, is stretched on the left arm with index finger pointing to the front and on the right hand over his eyes as if to protect them from the sun. It has straight hair, facial features and suggested beard, wears a small hat, and seems to wear tunic, stockings and type of shoes. The center seems to be very fat and the on the right standing with hands on her shoulders. This profile is on the left and seems to wear a hood over his head. The other one can only see the faces and hats. Every group is superimposed by geometrical light and dark areas. To the right of the center figure of a man, almost back, climbing rope ladder suspended using hood over his head, holding hands closed the side ropes and with the on the left leg two steps above the on the right foot. To the left, another man climbing ladder suspended, standing in front, with the body and head, seen foreshortened. On the third level, on the right of center, another group, possibly also of settlers, and only the on the left has detailed costume and holds a spear with the tip up. Of the rest, only the heads are indicated. In the background, on the left, intercrossed traits, suggesting the bow or stern of another vessel. On the right geometrical areas overlapping.
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Artwork Function
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Study for the panel “Discovery of Brazil” [FCO 2693]
Art Form
Art Medium
lead pencilArtMediumType
Artwork Surface
Support affixed to cardboard, spliced vertically and horizontally.
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Annotation Author
Signed in dedication at top left "Para o amigo Callado, com o abraço de Portinari”. Undated
Annotation Others
On back of frame, label "‘67’ 67 Portinari, Cândido 1903-1962 O Descobrimento do Brasil (estudo) desenho a lápis as. com dedicatória a Antônio Callado lat. esq. 100 x 50".


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