Saint Francis Talking to the BirdsSmall-scale color sketch




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64.5 x 24.5 cm

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gouachelead pencil

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Saint Francis Talking to the Birds
Composition in blue tones, black and white. Contour lines and shading, and the whole composition is superimposed raster forming rectangles vertically suggesting the tiles that make up the panel. Composition representing St. Francis of Assisi talking to the birds, being watched by three groups of people. On the left, five men group and a child, all standing, except for an older, who sits in profile to the right holding a long staff: three looking toward San Francisco, as well as the child, and He is back suggesting to be looking at his on the right hand that is in front. In the center, six-man group that stands out San Francisco which is almost in front of profile to the right. It wears cassock characteristic of the order he founded, and sandals. His arms are folded forward to seeing bird perched on his on the left hand profile looking in his direction. The rest of the group see only a full body figure, others are part hidden by the saint. More to the right, on the ground, many birds every profile to the left suggesting are looking towards San Francisco. To the right of the composition, a group of three men: a profile crouched to the left with hands on chin; another looking older, standing almost in profile to the left. It beard, and wears long tunic is barefoot. His on the left arm is bent and back and on the right also folded across the chest with hand next to his ear. The third person of the group is a guy who's facing with open arms in the air. The background of the composition suggests sky area, looking up birds with outstretched wings, profile, some others on the left to the right are suggesting approaching the saint, as if to hear him.
General Info
This work, as well as the works “Angels and Shepherds” [FCO 2526] and “The Baptism of Jesus” [FCO 2527], were found during a visit by Graciema Mello Franco de Andrade and Maria do Carmo Nabuco to the Sede Regional do Patrimônio in Belo Horizonte, MG. The institute's director, Roberto Lacerda, opened a drawer and found the three works which, in spite of being rolled up, were still in good condition
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Artwork Function
Small-scale color sketchArtworkFunctionType
Artwork Function Description
Small-scale color sketch for the tile panel “Saint Francis Talking to the Birds” [FCO 2475]
Art Form
Art Medium
lead pencilArtMediumType
Artwork Surface
Fundação Rodrigo Mello Franco de Andrade doada por volta de 1972, por intermédio de Edson MottaCollection
Dimension Notes
precisão: aproximadas
Unsigned and undated
Annotation Author
At left edge, letters A through L; at top and bottom edges, numbers 1 through 44; at top left inscriptions "A”, "D”, "1cm 45”, "cm 45”, "cm 30”, "B” and "C”; at bottom left, "cm 30”, "E”, "cm 45” and "cm 52,5”; in middle of top half, "F”, "45”, "G” and "cm 30”; at top right, "H”, "cm 35”, "cm 45 " and "I”; at bottom right, "J”, "cm 60” and "cm 30”


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