Saint Francis Casting Off His ClothesExecuted to




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1060 x 750 cm

Art Form

Mural painting

Art Medium


Artwork Surface

combined medium and support
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Saint Francis Casting Off His Clothes
Composition in light shades of rose, ochre, gray, white, green, yellow, earthy, blue and black tones. Rough texture resulting of the support itself. Composition representing Saint Francis of Assisi, highlighted, stripping of garments and being observed by several groups of people surrounding him. Irregular colored areas overlap the composition suggesting distorted perspective and creating transparency effects. In the center of the composition, a figure of Saint Francis, standing facing forward; extremely thin. A round halo surrounds his long face where a tonsure hair cut can be seen, very large eyes facing forward revealing penetrating gaze; long nose, thin lips and fallen, sealed, thick beard and mustache. His body is covered partly by a earthy tone cloth wrapped around his body - contrasting element against the rest of the composition - patterned with small crosses, his torso is naked, arms and legs defined by well-marked muscles revealing the extreme thinness of her figure. His right arm is bent and upwardly, part obscured by dressing and what is suggested to be a bandage, his flat hand; the left hand is diagonally down and can be seen close to the woman's face kneeling by his side. Her legs are spread, and the right is bandaged almost to the ankle and bare feet, out. In the foreground, on the left, man sitting on the ground in profile almost to right, he is suggested to be paralytic; he is being held by a figure that is on his left. The paralytic body is partially wrapped in white drapery, chest, arms and legs can be seen with well defined muscles. He has his right arm down and holds a crutch that is on the ground horizontally. His left arm is bent being held by the figure who is supporting him. His right leg is stretched and bent on the left. A little more to the right, near Saint Francisco, a dog is sitting in profile to right. To the left of the saint, a kneeling woman in profile to left, looking toward Saint Francis who has his left hand next to her face. She has marked facial features revealing expression of despair. She wears a long light colored long sleeve dress; has folded the right arm is with hand almost touching the hand of a saint. More to the right, another woman sitting in front of profile head to the left, looking toward Saint Francis. It has also marked facial features revealing expression of despair. Her left arm is on her lap and on the right up resting on his head. Her legs are apart and bent. She wears a long sleeve dress and is barefoot. In the background, on the left, a group of about twenty people, all standing, 3/4 facing right, wearing long tunics, almost all looking toward Saint Francis and their faces reveal startled expression. To the right of center, on the right next to the saint, another group of six people from the front, with heads facing Saint Francis. All faces are well marked facial features, and seem to look to the holy curiously. More to the right, an isolated woman figure woman a with child on her lap, in profile to left and her closed hand covering almost the entire face. The child is suggested to be naked has her legs around the woman's waist. In the background, in the center, a group of about thirty people, all facing forward, wearing long tunics, and only some of them outlined facial features. Geometrical and irregular areas overlap, or overlap the entire composition creating soft contrasts of light and dark. Some areas are filled with parallel lines symmetrically distributed horizontally or vertically.
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Executed toArtworkFunctionType
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Work executed to decorate the altar of the Pampulha Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Belo Horizonte, MG. Work designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.
Art Form
Mural paintingArtFormType
Art Medium
Artwork Surface
combined medium and supportArtworkSurfaceType
Work’s ogival shape accompanies the shape of the ceiling in the church’s nave.
Igreja de São Francisco de Assis da Pampulha adquirida do artista sob encomenda feita por Oscar Niemeyer, em 1943Collection
Dimension Notes
formato: irregular precisão: aproximadas
Signed and dated at bottom left "PORTINARI 1945"


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