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246 x 280 cm

Art Form

Mural painting

Art Medium


Artwork Surface

combined medium and support
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Composition in gray tones, ochre, black, earthy, blue, white and green. Rough texture result of its support of the work. It depicts two cowboys and a colonist, all of robust build, seeing to the bottom five head of cattle. In the foreground to the left, cowboy mulatto standing in profile to the right, slightly rear-facing. It has strong body, using light clothing - short-sleeved shirt and pants rolled up, below the knees - and is barefoot. Looks ahead, is bent on the right arm to the back of the hand resting on the waist and is with legs apart as if he were resting. On the right in the corner of the composition, it is seen on the floor, wide-brimmed hat, suggesting that leather, which is on an indefinite dark area, but suggesting a tissue. In the background, center, settler mulatto sitting on the floor, 3/4 toward the on the right. wear cloth tied on his head, has defined facial features, arched eyebrows, very large eyes turned to the right, suggesting that nose wide and thick lips; wears straps dress that covers her legs to the height of the ankles; has fallen arms over his lap with hands together, the legs are stretched and slightly apart and have bare feet. On the right, near the edge of the composition on the floor thick rope wound with the tip kind of ring. Behind this string, another cowboy, black, standing, facing slightly back to the left. It has dark skin, using light clothing, equal to the first cowboy. Has the arms along the body, legs spread and bare feet. Look in the direction of some cattle that are before him. On your on the right, near the edge of the composition, it is seen kind of high fence made of tree trunks, suggesting be enters a pen. On your on the left and behind the settler, horizontal cutting a trough on the left half of the composition. In the background, six head of cattle, looking up ahead, a small dark calf front, a cow profile of horns to the right, head forward and a little further back, which would be a bigger calf, no horns and his head almost in front. Quite the composition of the background two more profile Rezes to the right; on the right part of some other high trunks of trees, looking up stuck on the tip of one of a steer skull with horns.
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Executed toArtworkFunctionType
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Work executed to decorate the meeting room at the Palácio Gustavo Capanema, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.
Art Form
Mural paintingArtFormType
Art Medium
Artwork Surface
combined medium and supportArtworkSurfaceType
Palácio Gustavo Capanema adquirida do artista sob encomenda, em 1936Collection
Unsigned and undated


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