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250 x 280 cm

Art Form

Mural painting

Art Medium


Artwork Surface

combined medium and support
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Composition in tones earthy, ochre, gray, blue, black, yellow, white and green. Rough texture result of its support of the work. It depicts six indigenous chopping and hauling tree trunks in a forest not very defined. The figures have robust build and wear only small suggested thongs. In the foreground, on the left, Indian standing in front, with arms raised at head height and stretched to the right, holding an ax almost vertically, suggests be ready to trigger a coup in the trunk of a tree that is at his on the right. Has slightly inclined face and facing left with defined facial features - straight hair with bangs forward, almond-shaped eyes pulled up, small, broad nose and lips almost completely hidden by his on the right arm, but they suggest be thick - has the legs apart and feet out in a position to give firmness to the body. Still in the foreground, far on the right, ax down on the left diagonal to on the right, front to back with the razor wire to the right; and next we see a cut tree log. In the background, on the right of center, Profile Indian on the left as torso tilted down, idly suggesting be ready to suspend a tree trunk is horizontal composition between their legs; has defined facial features - fallen flat bangs, eyes pulled up, hooked nose and thick lips. On the third level, to the right, the two indigenous standing, in front, one behind the other foot. Carry over the on the left shoulder already cut tree trunk. The standing in front on the right arm is bent in front of the body, across the torso at the waist and open cupped; safe with his on the left hand the tree trunk is leaning on his shoulder. The Indian back part is covered by the front. At the bottom on the left, another Indian in profile to the right, with sloping torso down and idly suggesting be doing the same thing in the background of the Indian, that is, ready to suspend trunk that is between her legs. On the right one more indium in the same position that it is in the foreground. These two background figures are less defined, seeing only suggested, the facial features. The bottom of the composition, as well as the ground is all set for quadrangular areas that overlap, suggesting some trees, other areas of light that penetrates the forest and still others suggesting perspective.
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Executed toArtworkFunctionType
Artwork Function Description
Work executed to decorate the meeting room at the Palácio Gustavo Capanema, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.
Art Form
Mural paintingArtFormType
Art Medium
Artwork Surface
combined medium and supportArtworkSurfaceType
Palácio Gustavo Capanema adquirida do artista sob encomenda, em 1936Collection
Signed and dated at bottom right "C. PORTINARI 1936-1944"