Divine ShepherdessExecuted to




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575 x 314 cm

Art Form

Mural painting

Art Medium


Artwork Surface

combined medium and support
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Divine Shepherdess
Composition in blue, ochre, earthy, yellow, green, black, white, red, violet and rose tones. Rough texture. It depicts Divine Shepherdess, with Child Jesus in an outdoor landscape, surrounded by sheep, angels and balloons, to the right a dark wooden door can be seen cutting the composition in which there is a space above where the mural painting goes on. In the foreground, across the entire width of the support, bordering the composition, various tufts of plants. In the background, in the the center, the Divine Shepherdess seated figure facing forward, her body slightly turned to the right and her face ¾ turned to the left, she wears a straw hat, brim slightly turned up and a long, long sleeve dress, in blue and black dots pattern, and a very wide skirt, revealing her bare feet. The right arm stretched down toward a group of five sheep standing, being four of them profile to the right and one profile to the left with the head turned to the right. The hand of the Divine Shepherdess is touching the snout of one of the sheep and her left arm is folded holding the Child Jesus who is facing forward, over the left of the Divine Shepherdess. The boy also wears a straw hat and a large dress and is barefoot; the right hand holds a small bouquet of flowers. The boy is looking toward a sheep on his left side, who is standing in profile to the left, with the head turned to the boy. On the third level, on the left, an angel profile to the right, running; it has open wings and is naked; holding in his right hand a small chest made out of tinplate, wrapped in his left leg there is a fluttering fabric, being his left leg more ahead than his right. More to the right, a pestle and a sheep, lying in profile to the left, head turned to the right; on the right, another sheep lying profile to the left. On the space over the door, a naked angel flying profile to the left, and playing a bugle he holds with both hands; It has the right leg ahead of the left, with a fluttering piece of fabric wrapped in. Sky in shades of blue with many birds profile to the left, flying, spread evenly and five balloons oval shaped and decorated with white and red squares with small black dots.
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Artwork Function
Executed toArtworkFunctionType
Artwork Function Description
Work executed to decorate a dining room wall in the residence of the Baron and Baroness of Saavedra in Petrópolis, RJ. Work designed by architect Lúcio Costa.
Art Form
Mural paintingArtFormType
Art Medium
Artwork Surface
combined medium and supportArtworkSurfaceType
Door at right of composition, painted white for some time, was part of the original floor plan.
Dimension Notes
formato: irregular
Signed and dated at bottom right "PORTINARI 1944"