The Portinari Art and Environment Project in Jardim Botânico


Arranged by the Portinari Project, the Portinari Art and Environment exhibition was held from January 15 to March 1, 2015, at the Environmental Museum in the Botanical Garden.

The exhibition, made up of 23 replicas printed in high resolution, which reproduced the originals with high chromatic and geometric fidelity, also had the frames following the pattern used by the author.

Divided into five modules, the works had the theme of the environment as their guiding thread: 1. The human being and his relationship with the space in which he lives; 2. Water: source of life; 3. The use of mineral resources; 4. The preservation of forests and animals; 5. The balance between human beings.

The exhibition offered mediated visits and art workshops for children and young people, inspired by the artist who wanted his work to "awaken in every man or woman a sense of human dignity, fraternity and community spirit".

During the exhibition, the Museum's Education Program presented the story 'Meu açude doce e barrento', adapted from Rachel de Queiroz's work and illustrated with works by Portinari.

That same year, the exhibition was held at the São Carlos Municipal Theater, promoted by the São Carlos Physics Institute (IFSC/USP), between September 15 and October 23.