Paracatu Literary Festival - Fliparacatu


The Paracatu Literary Festival (FliParacatu) hosted the 'Portinari Negro' replica exhibition from May 22 to August 30. Portinari's canvases inspired by Afro-Brazilian history and culture highlighted the richness and diversity of black people, offering an in-depth look at their contribution to the cultural identity of Paracatu and Brazil.

The exhibition took place at the same time as the literary fair in the city of Paracatu, in the Praça da Matriz in Paracatu, Minas Gerais. On that occasion, João Candido gave a lecture entitled 'Candido Portinari: from the coffee plantation to the UN - Hand in hand with the writers and poets of his time'.

Motivated by the commemoration of the 120th anniversary of Candido Portinari's birth, Sesc SP and Fliparacatu presented the Cycle of Virtual Debates 'Portinari Negro - 12 x 120 Years', in which 12 black specialists discussed, among other subjects, the question of the identity of the painter of O Mestiço.