Restoration of works from the Central Bank collection


The Portinari Project advised the Central Bank on the restoration of 15 works from its collection between 2007 and 2008. Fourteen of these works underwent the restoration process in São Paulo, while the Discovery of Brazil panel, due to its imposing dimensions (4.92 x 3.93 meters), was restored in the same place where it was originally housed, in the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) room.

Following the successful completion of the restoration, the Central Bank promoted the exhibition 'Candido Portinari in Works', showing all the restored pieces. The exhibition included the works from the Brazilian Scenes series (made up of 12 panels), the aforementioned Discovery of Brazil panel and the Figure in the Landscape and Landscape of Petrópolis paintings. During the exhibition, all the stages of the restoration process were presented in detail through photographs and videos.

The opening of the exhibition featured a lecture by João Candido Portinari, which attracted an auditorium full of guests from the Central Bank. This event not only highlighted the success of the restoration, but also provided a unique opportunity to appreciate and celebrate Candido Portinari's artistic legacy.