CatechesisSmall-scale color sketch




CR Number



30.5 x 30.5 cm

Art Form


Art Medium

watercolorlead pencil

Artwork Surface

Is Part Of


Composition in tones earthy, green, blue, black, red, gray and white. Smooth texture. Jesuit It depicts preaching the two women, finding himself in the background, a woman with child, boy on the seesaw and another Jesuit. In the foreground, the center, two women suggesting be naked, one sitting, one standing watching Jesuit priest sitting in profile to the left, which seems to be preaching to them; down, on the left, a child's suggestion and on the right a coiled rope. In the background, on the left, woman standing facing with child in front of him also standing in front; on the left of center, two boys sitting on a seesaw perpendicular; on the right of center, 3/4 figure hint toward the on the right with upper body leaning down and legs apart; on the right Jesuit suggestion standing in front with on the right arm folded carrying a child on his lap. The figures are represented only by areas of color with very few details. Floor and dark background tone in light shade through which we can see a light box to transport.


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