The Last Supper




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130 x 96 cm

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The Last Supper
Composition in ochre, red, blue, green and earth tones. Smooth texture. Scene depicting Jesus' Last Supper with his Apostles, with thirteen people seated around a large table, occupying almost the entire area of the composition. In the center, in perspective to the background, a large rectangular table with eleven plates, a vase, a platter with fruit and several loaves of bread are spread out on it. In the background, seated at the head of the table, Jesus is facing forward, with long hair and a beard, his right arm folded with his hand spread forward, wearing a blue tunic; to his left, a man is in profile to the left, wearing a red tunic, with his left arm over Jesus' chest as if he were embracing him. To the left of the table, from front to back, there are five seated men: the first is Judas; he is facing forward, has a round face, is bald and has a beard; his eyes are very large, dark and facing forward; he is wearing a red tunic, his right hand is resting on the table and in his left he is holding a small green sack at chest level. Behind him, in profile to the right, four figures of men with their heads slightly turned upwards; all four have long hair, beards and no defined physiognomic features; the first of them has his right hand stretched forward and is wearing a blue tunic, the second is wearing red and the third green, the fourth is also wearing red. To the right of the table, from front to back, six seated figures: the first is in profile to the left, has long hair and a beard, defined physiognomic features, wears a red tunic and has his hands resting on the table; next to him, a figure is facing the first figure; he has long hair and a beard, wears a green tunic, and has his right arm folded with his hand pointing in the direction of the first figure, suggesting that he is talking to him. Behind this figure, there are four more figures in profile to the left, their heads slightly turned upwards; the first wears a red tunic and has his left hand resting on the table, the second wears a blue tunic and the last two wear red tunics. The scene takes place in an enclosed space with dark walls and the faces of the figures are illuminated by light from the right of the composition. On the table to the right, there are six streaks of light and the projection of the shadows of the six seated figures. The left side of the table, however, is fully illuminated. To the right of the composition, behind the fourth seated figure, there is a standing figure wearing a blue robe, with a moringa resting on the palm of his right hand. In the background, also to the right, there is a suggestion of a door or window, suggesting light from outside.
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Signed and dated in bottom left corner "PORTINARI 950"